Tampa Electric well positioned to meet pending EPA rules for new power plants

Polk Power Station

Polk Power Station

President Barack Obama recently announced his Climate Action Plan to address greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Tampa Electric is proud that we are well positioned to meet rules being developed for new power plants. For example, our planned expansion at the Polk Power Station would be fueled by natural gas.

Longer term, it is reasonable to expect that new regulations for existing plants will increase the cost of electricity. We are a long way from seeing a specific proposal for existing plants, so it is too soon to predict any specific impacts on Tampa Electric customers.

It is important to note that Tampa Electric is among the cleanest coal-using utilities in the nation. We have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions from our power plants. In a 10-year period, we invested $1.2 billion in state-of-the-art environmental improvements at our power plants, a model for the nation:

  • We’ve reduced carbon dioxide emissions from our generating fleet by 20 percent from 1998 levels.
  • We’ve reduced sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by more than 89 percent from 1998 levels.

Tampa Electric’s early action and continued environmental stewardship has helped preserve the natural beauty that makes Florida a great place to live, work, play and visit, while keeping electric rates well below the national average.

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